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Together, we CAN make a difference!
Everyone deserves a new pair of shoes and socks.

US population cannot afford properly fitting shoes
New shoes have been distributed by Shoe Pantry +
Shoes will be distributed by Christmas
1M shoes will be distrbuted within the next 5 years

Dr. Weinert’s Passion for a More Sole-ful World

Dr. Anthony Weinert is a foot surgeon and physician who is known affectionately as the SOLE Doc. He is a leading foot health expert and is the founder of the Stop Feet Pain Fast, one of the first accredited foot surgery specialty centers in the state of Michigan. Dr. Weinert is the author of various foot health wellness books including Stop Feet Pain Fast – A Users Guide to Foot & Ankle Health,  Sole Doctor’s Guide to Happy & Healthy Feet and the soon to be published Whole Foot Revolution. Dr. Weinert is also the host of “Happy Feet Radio” which was the first show on iTunes dedicated to foot health and wellness.

Dr. Weinert has deep compassion for feet and all the complications that arise for those who cannot afford properly fitting shoes. Health issues range from back and hip problems, frostbite, and low self-esteem. Dr. Weinert founded Shoe Pantry Plus to provide new shoes and socks to those in need and his goal is to donate over 1,000,000 shoes within the next 5 years.

Properly Fitting New Shoes and Socks

Shoe Pantry Plus provides brand new, properly fitted shoes, boots, socks, foot health education, and foot care services to those in need to help keep their feet dry, warm and protected especially during the cold weather months. Dr. Weinert’s vision is to give back to the community and to help the needy. Let’s work together to support Dr. Weinert’s endeavors and provide new shoes and socks to those who need them. Cold weather will arrive in much of the country soon, so now is the perfect time to donate.

Shoe Pantry Plus is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to help the homeless, disabled, veterans, and low income adults and children. Founded by Dr. Anthony Weinert, a renown foot surgeon and author, Shoe Pantry’s goal is to deliver millions of shoes to those in need during the next several years. Get involved and help us make a difference!



Please help us spread the word by sharing our site with your family, friends, and community businesses.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or GooglePlus, we would appreciate it if you share this message, especially if you cannot donate this year.

Working together to help others, we can all make a difference in this world.


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Muhammad Ali

Children are ridiculed when they don’t have the proper shoes for various activities because their families cannot afford more than the basics. Worse yet, some kids go to school with old worn out shoes, hand me downs that don’t fit, and shoes with rips and holes. Some adults have difficulty getting a job because they don’t have decent, clean shoes. We all need different shoes for different reasons, but our focus is to assist those who just need a little help getting back on their feet. Join us in making the world a more sole-ful place!


You can donate to the cause, volunteer, spread the word, or help us by sponsoring fund raisers in your area to generate awareness of our foundation.



Shoe Pantry Plus depends on your support. There are collection boxes in both the Troy and Warren office locations where we welcome any new shoes or socks. WE ARE SEEKING SHOE MANUFACTURING PARTNERS and if you are interested in donating larger quantities of shoes, please contact us at 586-751-3338 and we can arrange to pickup items and give you a donation receipt for tax purposes. We will also help promote your generosity and that will help your business too!

The world is filled with suffering, and simple things, like new shoes can make a big difference.

Every day thousands of children, women and men suffer from pain and other consequences from wearing ripped or hand-me-down shoes. Some suffer severe health issues from living in cold climates without proper shoes and socks.

Others cannot get higher paying jobs until they can afford shoes without holes or rips. Many low income families cannot afford to buy a new pair of shoes, nor can they afford to have their shoes repaired. Many children do not have seasonally appropriate footwear so they suffer through cold winter months without warm boots or reliable footwear.

Did you know that socks are the most needed item, but the least donated one? Shoe Pantry Plus fits the shoe and sock to each individual, ensuring comfort as well as continued good health.

As a 501c3 charity foundation, every donation will be used to help those in need. We appreciate EVERY DONATION, and we know that together we can make the world a better place, one sole at a time.


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