Dozens Of Kids Kick-Off School Year Sporting New Shoes

Dozens Of Kids Kick-Off School Year Sporting New Shoes

DETROIT (WWJ) – Dozens of Detroit school students are sporting shiny new shoes thanks to a non-profit geared toward helping kids.

Miles of smiles at the Detroit Service Learning Academy as many received brand new shoes thanks to surgeon Anthony Weinert, and his nonprofit organization, Shoe Pantry Plus.

Third grader Cha’marie Vasquez received a pair of white shoes — which she says, fit much better than her old ones: “These shoes were tight and were squishing my feet and they were only this tall,” she says holding out her hands.”

Weinert knows the importance of having shoes that fit well — it’s his business as a foot and ankle doctor.

“If you don’t have a shoe that fits your foot properly it’s going to cause — not only deformities or problems with you feet but eventually, since your foot is the foundation to the body, if you are going to have pain or having issues in the feet it will cause problems with your knees, your hips, (and) your back,” he says.

“They have a lot to offer us and if we can just do a little bit, something to help the kids, something they’ll always think people care for them, have compassion for them and if we can do that, then they could hopefully instill that as they grow up.”

Former Detroit Lions players and members of the NFL Players Association were on hand at an event on Tuesday.

“Kids are brought into these circumstances and they can’t control what circumstance they are in,” said former Detroit Lion Lomas Brown. “So whatever help, it doesn’t need to be all monetary — it can be volunteering your time. You know, just like we are out here doing — but as much as we can do to help these kids and answer any question they have.”

“Some people don’t have shoes and why they helping out, like, you’re helping people walk more,” said eighth grader Faith Mosley.

The shoes and socks were given to kids who needed them the most.

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